1. Machine learning Algorthim
  2. Grid Computing
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Network Communication
  5. Soft Computing
  6. Image Processing
  7. Big Data/Hadoop
  8. Apache Spark
  9. Neural Network
  10. Text Mining
  11. Grid Computing
  12.  Fuzzy logic
  13.  Image Segmentation

Tips For Academics

M.Tech Thesis is very crucial & complicated challenges in students life. Before staring thesis first you prepare yourself for new research. Generally the most challenging phase in thesis writing is topic selection. Students does not get the information about latest research trends in market. M.Tech Thesis guides and help the students in topic selection. We slowly move on next phase of thesis and guide the students properly to complete their research.
Few Basic Tips For Academics :-
1. Google search about latest trends in Research fields.
2. Select area which you have shown interest.
3. Explore the filed and review all documents related with it.
4. Formulate your problem and write objectives.
5. Draw methodology and analyze the problem.
6. Declare results and write brief summary.
7. Mention the future scope if any.
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