Study of Different Sentimental Analysis Techniques: Survey

Study of Different Sentimental Analysis Techniques: Survey

Sentiments classification is done into different contexts like- positive/negative, like/dislike, good/bad, buy product/don’t buy, in favour/against, favourable/unfavourable, optimistic/pessimistic  etc.
It can be done on different levels that are described below in detail:
1. Document Level
2. Sentence Level
3. Entity or Aspect Level.
In Document level, each document express some view, opinion, like web reviews or open ended questions in market surveys. Documents don’t represent a single point of view, a single opinion. Document consists of multiple opinions representing several closely related but nuanced positions. Whole document can be reduced and classified into positive or negative class.

Sentence level classifies each sentence into positive, negative or neutral class.

Entity level product features are identified from the source data. Sentiment analysis is usually conducted between two levels; a coarse level and a fine level. Coarse level sentiment analysis deals with determining the sentiment of an entire document and Fine level deals with attribute level sentiment analysis.

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