The main aim of data hiding is to cover secret data between two parties for the purpose of identification, copyright protection, and annotation. The main aim here is to transfer information without any loss, modification etc.

 Information hiding fall into three categories like- Cryptography, steganography and watermarking. Steganography and watermarking used to embed the information in some other media while cryptography encrypts the secret information, however the information is still visible to everyone but it can be unintelligible talking.

With changing the time data confidenality between two parties always a major concern. Therefore it is very necessary to provide a mechanism that will protect the information when two parties are communicating with each other. The purpose of encryption is to convert the pain text into cipher text and receiver will decode the cipher message into plain message with the same key. No matter how the encryption algorithm is powerful what the encrypted data will always arouse suspicion. This is where steganography can help. Steganography and encryption both are matching with each other and resembles sometimes create confusion. So, how we are going to distinguish each other. As encryption scrambles a message so it cannot be understood on the other hand steganography hides the message so it cannot be seen. So if we combine the feature of both the technologies we can create the power full system.

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