Steganography  implemented using  PHP

Steganography implemented using PHP

The Steganography can also be implemented in PHP using gd library. There is a package called Steganography kit that helps in the implementation of various algorithms for image Steganography.
There are three ways to implement image Steganography:
1. Least Significant Bit
LSB is used to modify the least significant bit of cover Text to get the stego Text. Steganography Kit has various types of implementation like in png, jpg or gif images.
2. Pure Steganography
This technique doesn’t require prior exchange of some secret information before sending the actual message. In augmentation to this secret Text can use only Red or Green, Blue or Green, Green or Blue.
3. Secret Key Steganography
This technique is used for the encoding and decoding process where secret key is used as a seed for pseudo-random generators so as to create a sequence of coordinates of cover Text’s pixels for hiding the secret Text.
It is known fact that images consist of small units of dots named pixels where each pixel is of 3 bytes that is one for red, one for blue and one for green.
Decimal: 201
Binary : 11001001

Decimal: 248
Binary: 11111000

Decimal: 3
Binary: 00000011
The stated composition gives rise to orange color.
The main aim and idea in image Steganography lies in the fact that any sort of alteration in the least significant bit (LSB) cannot be detected by a human eye. So, The LSB of RGB can be modified to store the hidden message in the main message but without affecting the color in the image.
Suppose we change the LSB of blue component only but we have the option to change the LSB of red, green and blue component if required and as we modify the LSB of blue component only, the amount of information we could be able to hide, would be very less. We can also store the length of hidden message in the image.

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