Sentimental Analysis of Social Media Using R Language and Hadoop: Rhadoop

Sentimental Analysis of Social Media Using R Language and Hadoop: Rhadoop

Twitter is an area where the tweets of different users produce larger amount of data and convey the information in the form of unstructured type of data. It is difficult to understand and extract information from this data. So, we need tools and technologies that can efficiently store and process unstructured and big data. There are different techniques and tools available that can handle this type of data and produce meaningful information but in this paper we study R language and Rhadoop Tool. Sentimental analysis of twitter is quite difficult as compared to other general sentimental analysis due to the presence of slang words, mis-spelling in tweets, short length, and some graphics type words etc. So, R statistical computing language is used to perform sentimental analysis easily.Rhadoop tool is used to process large size of data as R interface cannot process massive data. Big data analyst, Scientists, Engineers use R language for Statistical computing, Graphics and analysis purpose. R is a most popular open source platform with different version on Windows, Linux and mac OS. R is a comprehensive statistical platform provides approximate 5000 packages and offers data analytics techniques. It is a powerful platform for data analysis and exploration. In some cases when size of data is large and it exceeds from its physical memory, then it performs very slow and gives poor results. Therefore,Rhadoop is introduced which stores whole data into Hadoop(Hdfs) and R is used for fetching data from (HDFS file system) and performs analysis on that data.


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