Machine Learning Project Using R Langauge

Machine Learning Project Using R Langauge

Big Mart Sales Predictions Problem:-

1. Brainstorming About problem:- First step is to understand the problem by brainstorming & check the possible factors which are related or influence our problem.

2. Data Collection & Exploration:- Collect the data from various sources and explore about it. Look at the continuous and categorical variables & inference about it.

3. Data cleaning:- cleaning process about data is very important to check missing values and outliers.

4. Engineering about data :- changes some varibales & creating new ones according to requirements.

5.  Implement Model:- apply machine learning model on the data.

Hypothesis Generation:-

Hypothesis is a kind of your study on some topic. This is very important step in machine learning. Before data analyzing first you have to brainstorm about the problem & find out its dependencies, parameters & functions.

Big mart Sales Production problem statement:-

The data scientists at big mart have collected 2013 sales data for a number of products across 10 stores in different cities. In this study they analyze attributes of each product and store and build a model which finds out the sales of each product at a particular store

So main concern is to find out the properties of each product & store which impacts the sales of a product.

Hypothesis output, Store level hypothesis:-

1. Area:- store located in urban or any other tier 1 cities have higher sales because urban people have higher interset and income as comapred to other rural aresa.

2. Population strength:- high population growth area have higher sales..

3. Store capacity:- number of brands and big size of marts having varities of products which generate higher sales of goods.

4. Competitors:-  Nearby shops and similar kind of malls put imapct on the sales of store.

5. Advertisement:-  advertise your brnad & reach at maximum people is today business stretegy part. So advertisement is very necessary for any kind of business.

6. Store Representations & Presentations:- Behavior & presentational put impact on the sales of store. If representations are good & technical they can elaborate more efficiently about product.

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