Data Hiding Using Steganography

Data Hiding Using Steganography

There is no gainsaying in the fact that the use of internet is increasing with the passage of time and transferring the secret information through internet is also increasing. Therefore, a secure communication way is mandatory. Today, many techniques are available to protect the secret data from unauthorized users. Encrypting the information is first and foremost way to provide security. In the encryption process, information is changed in a way where the eavesdroppers cannot read the information. But during the encryption, the message is transferred in a way such that the attacker can easily suspect the presence of some confidential data.

Steganography is different from cryptography in many aspect. The purpose of Steganography is to hide secret information in a way that no one can understand about the embedded data, on the contrary in case of cryptography everybody knows about the secret data. These days, the combination of Steganography and other methods, information security has undergone a sea change. Prior to the invention of digital means, traditional methods were being used for transmitting the messages such as the phones and the e-mail or the messages were sent on foot. For the transmitting the messages where the security is one of the major apprehension, the different ways of implementing security are as follow:

  1. Choosing the messenger which delivers the message securely.
  2. Write the message with the help of notations in which the secret information of message has been covered.
  3. Hide the secret message in that way that the presence of the information is notpalpable by the third party.

The preeminent purpose of data hiding is to enclose secret data amongst two parties for the identification, copyright protection, and annotation. The fundamental focus here is to transmit information without any sort of modification, loss etc. The information hiding befalls into three categories like- Cryptography, Watermarking and Steganography. Both watermarking and Steganography techniques are used to enclose the information in some different media while on the other hand cryptography does the work of encrypting the furtive information nevertheless, the information is yet visible to everyone but it might be an impenetrable talking.

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