Data Hiding

Data Hiding

The preeminent purpose of data hiding is to enclose secret data amongst two parties for the identification, copyright protection, and annotation. The fundamental focus here is to transmit information without any sort of modification, loss, etc. The information hiding befalls into three classifications like- Cryptography, watermarking and Steganography [5]. Both Steganography and watermarking techniques are used to enclose the information in some different media while on the other hand cryptography does the work of encrypting the furtive information nevertheless, the information is yet visible to everyone but it might be an impenetrable talking.

With advancements in technology over time, data confidentiality amidst two parties has always been a major concern. Consequently, it is very important to offer a mechanism that can protect the information when two parties are communicating with each other. Such encryption is used to convert the pain text into the cipher-text and receiver will then decode the cipher message into the plain message with a similar key. With no concern about how much the algorithm for encryption is strong, the encrypted data would definitely lead to suspicion. This is the condition where Steganography can come to the rescue. Steganography and the encryption both are similar to one another and even resemble sometimes and can lead to confusion. Hence the question arises as to how to distinguish between Steganography and encryption. The encryption does the work of scrambling a given message such that it is not understandable. And on the other hand, Steganography conceals the message so it cannot be seen. So if we blend the feature of both the said technologies we can conclude with a powerful system.

Various techniques, as well as algorithms, are used for data hiding, each implementing its own properties and results. Still some aspects are common which must reserve regarding the data.

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