Changing the world of Autonomous Vehicles using Cloud and Big Data

Changing the world of Autonomous Vehicles using Cloud and Big Data

Big data creates an environment for the development of technologies in this century. It has also plays an important role in creating the design of materials, products, systems and innovations from different industries like healthcare, energy etc. Data becomes a powerful tool for shaping the new design and manufacturing in mechanical engineering.  

Every automotive industry wants to take advantage of big data technology. It has been observed that in Self driving cars all sensors are responsible to enable the car to drive without a  Driver. These sensors helps the self-driving car to know where to drive and how fast to drive. 1 gigabyte of data is produced in 1 second. Around 600 hours cars are driving in a year. So approximately 2 Petabyte of data is produced per year . With the amount of cars worldwide to surpass one billion, it is  almost difficult to imagine how much data is generated when Google’s self-driving car will become common on the streets.

Therefore, this research trend proposed Hadoop Distributed System (HDFS) storage system to store huge amount of data. Whole of the information is stored in HDFS rather inside the car itself. Self-driving car can fetch the required data from HDFS at any particular location. This paper has also proposed Apache Spark tool for the processing of algorithms and extracts the information from HDFS efficiently at a fast speed.

This article explains about Self-driving cars, describes different types of sensors present inside the car, benefits of using Self-driving car and what are the requirements for running self-driving car.

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